Social Skills Play

Social Skills Play

A fun social skills (play) app designed by a Speech Pathologist to help your child to interact and communicate appropriately with other children. This app includes:

– 6 Popular play scenarios
– Each with multiple interactions
– A huge variety of answers for your child to compare and choose whether the interaction is appropriate or inappropriate
– Ability to use the skills learnt to record an interaction with the cute characters in the app and then listen to this interaction playback

Master Social Skills

Master Social Skills will be releasing a series of Apps that assist children with social skills.  Master Social Skills has been created by a Speech Pathologist who specialises in working with children.  The Apps that we provide are suitable for all children starting kindergarten or school and can specifically assist children with Autism, Down Syndrome or other Special Needs.  Our aim is to provide children with the skills and confidence to interact with other children and adults in order for them to build relationships.  This skill is essential for children to feel comfortable and happy in their environments and also assists them to enhance their learning.

Social Skills – Why are they so important?

Social skills play an important role in our child’s future success and happiness.  Social skills are not solely about making friends, this skill encompasses so much more.  Social skills are closely linked to our daily life activities and enable us to connect to situations that provide learning, a feeling of connection, self awareness, improved emotional stability, empathy and a sense of independence due to the confidence gained from social interactions.



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